I am a young professional working for an organization called Iron & Earth. We are helping empower oil & gas, coal and Indigenous workers to build a renewable energy economy in Canada. I have an office where I do most of my work, and am very clean, responsible and quiet.
After many years of living with a range of wonderful roommates, I've decided to move out on my own. I am hoping to find something for Dec.1 or Jan.1 but am flexible. Please get in contact if you have a place available that fits the description below.
I am looking for something quite specific and am willing to pay around $/month for the right place. Closer to $/month would be preferable.
Ideally something that:
1) Is an apartment, not a suite in a house. I don't need much space at all. I would prefer a studio/bachelor but a 1 bedroom would work
2) Is in either Downtown core, Cook St. Village, Dallas Road, James Bay, the Gorge, or along the water somewhere
3) Ideally something modern or simple with open floorpan
4) Lots of light and ideally a view
5) Something with a communal space would be amazing. I would love to grab a spot in the Janion as I love their shared rooftop patio concept. Don't think there are many options like this though.
6) Furnished would be great, but not necessary
Feel free to reach out via e-mail, phone or text message.
Thank you,